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Voters in the ABQ area have spoken!

  • Post published:February 6, 2019
  • Post category:Issues

There are many property owners – and renters who were at risk of increasing rents – relieved with last night’s outcome. NMBC received a lot of feedback on this issue, as well as tax increases in general, and this much is clear: Voters want the best for our children, teachers, and classrooms. The reason many voters said ‘NO’ was this money wasn’t for the kids and teachers and voters feel strongly that top APS officials are mismanaging what taxpayers are already providing.

We have heard New Mexico legislative members testify in committees that they feel they are under a mandate from the November election to press their agenda of increased government paid for with new and expanded taxes and regulation. 

State legislators, please assure you’re staying current on the voters’ desires. The response to higher taxes was resoundingly rejected last night and the feedback continues to pour into our office. New Mexicans do not have an appetite for increased taxes – especially in light of the fact that the state has a budget surplus now and is looking at another one for the next fiscal year. 

Accountability matters and we believe that New Mexicans have grown weary of ever increasing costs and no real increase in opportunities for our state. Legislators, Governor Lujan-Grisham, and her administration should not be overly confident in the ability to write checks on the backs of hardworking New Mexicans.

 NMBC will continue to speak boldly for the good of New Mexicans. 

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