Voters Ultimately Call the Shots

We have two examples, right here in New Mexico, of elected officials who have forgotten that voters are their boss.

LAS CRUCES CITY COUNCIL: Who we elect and who we keep in office matters. And voters in Las Cruces have the opportunity right now, with early voting underway, to clean house and start fresh with city councilors who care enough to LISTEN to the needs of the community. A recent Op Ed in the Las Cruces Sun puts things in perspective: “One half of the City Council will be up for election/re-election in November. I hope everyone will remember those who chose to raise taxes rather than prioritize needs and reduce budgets. We have elected a Council that is unable to, or uniformly incapable of, making hard decisions and we are suffering the consequences of their poor choices. Elections have consequences and it’s time to elect councilors who will protect our assets rather than consume them.” Read the Op Ed HERE.

BERNALILLO COUNTY COMMISSION: There are many ways to raise government revenue, and some of the Bernalillo County Commissioners are taking direction from the progressive agenda playbook, using increased fees to fund government which will raise everyone’s cost of living. Fortunately, some elected officials like Commissioner Wayne Johnson, understand that our economy will grow when government gets out of the way. Read Commissioner Johnson’s Op Ed HERE.

NO ONE WINS WITH SELF SERVING, POLITICAL AGENDAS: During a time when partisan bickering at the federal level has brought Congress’ approval rating to an all-time low, some political leaders don’t understand that partisan agendas are bad for the economy. In response to an online database designed to drive customers to New Mexico businesses that “believe in the same values as the Democratic Party,” the Albuquerque Journal commented: “….This kind of divisiveness is depressingly familiar. And the American people are tired of it…. do we really want to further import the partisan nastiness of Washington, D.C., to the local coffee shop, dry cleaner or grocery store?”

Memo to all political leaders from the NMBC: “It’s time to unite New Mexicans, not further divide them!” Read the full Albuquerque Journal Editorial HERE.

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