What a BASH!

In reference to the question, “Why do people who want to raid the Permanent Fund dislike children so much? Don’t they care about New Mexico’s kids?” those attending heard the answer. Among other things, Mark Meckler said New Mexicans should be outraged that we have put millions of dollars into our educational system yet NM is ranked at the bottom of all states for quality education. Mark encouraged New Mexicans to hold elected and appointed officials accountable for the millions of dollars that have been spent on childhood education with zero improvement. This money has been stolen from our children; voters should reject any discussion of taking more money out of the state Land Grant Permanent Fund that is specifically designed for our children’s future educational needs.

The NMBC agrees and will carry this message forward.

Can New Mexico become the next Wisconsin? The answer is YES, if you join the New Mexico Business Coalition. Together, we absolutely can make New Mexico a place for quality education and economic growth.

The NMBC thanks the following elected/appointed officials who attended the BASH:

Sheriff Dan Houston; Senators Mark Moores and Bill Payne; Representatives Kelly Fajardo, Jimmie Hall, Yvette Herrell, Larry Larranaga, Tim Lewis, Paul Pacheco, Jane Podrell-Colbert, Jim Smith, and Monica Youngblood; Former Senator and State Treasurer Candidate Tim Eichenberg; Former Representative Conrad James; Commissioner Wayne Johnson; Albuquerque City Councilor Janice Arnold-Jones; Tijeras Village Councilor Maxine Wilson; Cabinet Secretary of Corrections Gregg Marcantel; Deputy Cabinet Secretary at NM Higher Education Department Glenn Walters; Congressional Candidates Mike Frese, Mike McEntee, Richard Priem; and, Sandoval County Probate Judge Candidate Larry McClain.

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