What’s Important and Another Big Victory

  • Post published:February 23, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

Special praise and gratitude to Senator Phil Griego, Chair of Senate Corporations and Transportation. Senator Griego has strict rules in his committee for those who want to speak – say what you must, but don’t belabor the point and don’t repeat testimony that has already been provided (our words). In establishing these rules, Senator Griego can quickly and efficiently assure a fair hearing for multiple bills, thus moving the legislative process much quicker than many other committees.

Major victory Friday night in Corporations and Transportation. SB 498, Senator Rue, Limit Utility Costs Without Notice and Hearing. This bill would prevent the use of a fuel clause by utility companies as it is currently used. Without detailing the myriad issues with this bill, we can assure you it would have led to significantly higher electric rates for customers of PNM, Southwestern Public Service and El Paso Electric customers. We are thrilled that it was tabled and want to thank the following Senators for their bipartisan support to table this bill:

Senator Phil A. Griego Senator Clemente Sanchez Senator Lee S. Cotter Senator Mary Kay Papen Senator John M. Sapien Senator William E. Sharer

Employee Free Choice: The New Mexico Business Coalition continues to support the passage of Right to Work. Read more here.

Wal-Mart Shows Initiative: With Wal-Mart’s decision to raise employee wages, many other companies will likely follow suit. This is a great example of businesses doing what is right for their employees WITHOUT being told to do so by the government. Read more here.

Good News for NM Well-Being: A recent Gallup poll puts New Mexico in the top 10 for overall well-being. Help us make the state the best in the country by supporting our work.