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What’s New for Rio Rancho?

  • Post published:November 10, 2022
  • Post category:News

Two new container park complexes are coming to the Rio Rancho and Bernalillo areas! Currently, developers are breaking ground on spaces called “The Block” and “Margarita Hill.” “The Block” will be located in the Enchanted Hills area, making it very close to Bernalillo. Additionally, “Margarita Hill” will be developed about 10 miles away, near the Rust Medical Center.

Both complexes will bring that businesses and jobs to each of their respective areas, similar to how the existing “Tin Can Alley” and “Green Jeans Farmery” have been able to do for their areas of Albuquerque. Since both projects are utilizing recycled shipping containers, they’re currently set to open in the middle of 2023. For more information on what will be included in each plan, read more HERE.