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Who’s Really in Control?

  • Post published:March 8, 2023
  • Post category:News

With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, it’s clear that legislators who favor increasing taxes and government growth have control. Progressive Legislators in the House and the Senate are using their majority status to advance bills that will hurt our state. Just one example, SB 11 is a mandate for paid time off that would add a new tax on workers and employers that neither can afford.

SB 11 Paid Family Medical Leave Act, sponsored by Mimi StewartMichael PadillaChristine ChandlerLinda Serrato, and Patricia Roybal Caballero mandates 12 weeks of paid time off (PTO). Both the employee and employer would have to pay a percentage of wages into this program. This is in addition to the 8 days of paid sick leave recently mandated (paid for by employers) and any other PTO an employer offers. Working families and businesses are already struggling with the worst inflation in decades and this new TAX could be the last straw for many businesses. With all Democrat Senators except for two voting for SB 11, it was passed on Saturday and is now being pushed through House committees. See who voted for and against SB 11 HERE.
We urge you to take 30 seconds HERE to make your voice heard! 
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