You are currently viewing APS property tax ballots mailed to inactive voters

APS property tax ballots mailed to inactive voters

  • Post published:February 1, 2019
  • Post category:Issues

NMBC thinks that APS needs to be held accountable for the money they get now.  Giving them more won’t change the fact that there is too much waste and misappropriation of funding that should go to teachers salaries and educational curriculum, which it DOES NOT.

This property tax increase will have a negative effect on everyone, except APS administration. Renters will be affected, those living paycheck to paycheck will be affected and foreclosures are already on the rise….what’s next?

The ballot has three items: One on one side and two on the other. Make sure you clearly mark your position on all three issues.

Also Note: The county clerk sent these ballots to an inactive list of voters! You might have received a ballot in your mailbox for someone who is either a)deceased, or b) hasn’t lived there in years. 

If you received one of these ballots from the inactive list, please send details (this person hasn’t lived here in x amount of years or this person is deceased) and photo to

NMBC wants what is best for everyone in the state. You can find more facts about this APS ballot and property tax increase HERE.