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A packed room for the NMBC BASH (Business and Social Hour)

And the NM Champion Award goes to…

  • Post published:May 16, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

The upbeat agenda of the BASH was a hit: One New Mexico blogger in attendance, Sylvia Bokor, published this to her readers: “In my judgement, the recent BASH, on May 11, featuring Tim Dunn as the guest speaker was exceptional…It was an evening not to have been missed….Toward the end of the formal agenda…was the Convention of States presentation to Carla Sonntag with the New Mexico Champion Award for outstanding work improving our state. The crowd roared their approval. So do we. Congratulations, Carla.“

Good News from NMBC Regional VP, Cristina Arnold: Carlsbad NM may be getting some much-needed relief. The Eddy County Commissioners will be voting today, May 16, 2017 on bringing the community one step closer to a relief route to bypass two of Carlsbad’s busiest roads. The bypass route would expedite business for the NM Oil & Gas Industry while introducing a safer environment for the Carlsbad community. Sounds like a win-win proposition for the area and for all New Mexico! Read More HERE.

More good news from Albuquerque: A district court judge has re-affirmed that the ABQ ballot initiative dealing with mandated sick leave (scheduled to go on the ballot in October) must be printed in full so voters can actually see the details. NMBC is standing with several other groups and associations in court action against the City of Albuquerque ordinance dealing with mandatory paid sick leave. Read more about recent court action and problems with the ABQ Ordinance HERE.

If you would like to join our efforts against the inappropriately named ‘ABQ Healthy Workforce Ordinance,’ contributions to help with legal fees and on-going grass roots/voter education can be made to NMBC HERE.