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Think you can’t be fooled?

  • Post published:August 22, 2017
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Groups and public officials calling themselves progressive are pushing ‘pro-labor’ policy and laws that can hurt employees, businesses and our economy. Whether it’s mandated paid time off (like the ABQ ordinance mentioned above), mandated higher wages or work-schedule laws – as they pass around the country it is clear they hurt the very workers they are supposed to help. Read more from columnist Catherine Rampell in an opinion piece titled, Leftists’ pro-labor plans are likely to hurt workers.’

Last chance for reduced price, early bird tickets – prices go up this Saturday. The NMBC Heroes Banquet on September 8, at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, will honor heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice and celebrate others in our state who are still serving. Limited seating available – don’t wait any longer to get your tickets!

Early-bird (reduced price) ticket sales end on Friday, August 25.

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New Mexico is on track to collect more money in the coming fiscal year than it currently spends as surging oil production pulls state government out of a budget crisis. State economists told lawmakers last week said they can anticipate excess revenues of about $25 million. This small bit of fiscal relief could provide the perfect opportunity to develop some resolutions to fix New Mexico’s future financial challenges. NMBC will be watching to see if lawmakers work together in a non-partisan manner for the good of all New Mexicans or pander to special interest groups and donors. Read more Here.