At the New Mexico Business Coalition, we understand that it’s important that each voter is educated in every election, so they can be well-informed, and vote correctly- the person and their positions are more important than the party.

We believe that it’s important that voter’s are careful who they vote for as decisions made by those in Washington D.C., impact all aspects of life in New Mexico, whether good or bad. So at NMBC, we encourage all voters to look at the qualifications, experience, and stated positions of each candidate, not their party affiliation.


Michelle Garcia Holmes (R)
Melanie Stansbury (D)


  • Established the Attorney General’s Government Accountability Division
  • Detective for APD for 20 years
  • Commissioned police officer for 30 years
  • Held positions in the Violent Crimes Against Children Unit, Sexual Assault Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Auto Theft Unit, and Chief’s Staff.
  • Current Congresswoman for District 1 since 2021
  • State Rep for District 28 in 2019
  • Researcher and advisor on land and water issues
  • Held positions in the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Senate in the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources


  • Reduce – GAS PRICES, Inflation, Healthcare Premiums and Taxes
  • Ensure Funding – For Our Labs, Education, Police and School Safety
  • Secure Our Borders – Strong Immigration Policy, Funding for Homeland Security and Border Agents
  • Confront Crime and Corruption – Support Police, End Catch and Release and Prosecute Criminals
  • Unleash our Potential – More Opportunity for New Mexicans, Effective Education for our Children and Protections for Women and the unborn
  • End Double Taxation – Social Security and Veteran Benefits

-Michelle Garcia Holmes

  • Economy, Jobs, and Resilience- Growing the Economy, Jobs, and Resilience, Investing in Infrastructure, Raising the Federal Minimum Wage, Immigration, COVID-19
  • Community Well-Being- Making our Government Work for New Mexicans, Supporting Women and Advancing Gender Equality, Healthcare, Improving Public Safety, Addressing the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relative Crisis, Racial Justice, Cannabis Reform
  • Environment and Sustainability- Protecting our Natural Resources, Food Insecurity
  • Education and Child Well-Being- Investing in our Children, Educators, and Schools, Affordable Childcare, Paid Family Leave

-Melanie Stansbury



Yvette Herrell (R)
Gabe Vasquez (D)


  • Current Congresswoman for District 2 since 2021
  • NM House for four consecutive terms from 2011-2019
  • Owned and operated several successful small businesses, including a heavy equipment operating company, an insurance adjusting company, a boarding kennel, and a real estate business. 
  • Las Cruces city council in 2017
  • Held many positions such as the executive director of the Las Cruces Hispano Chamber of Commerce, working in public lands conservation, and as a policy advocate promoting child welfare and family wellbeing at the federal level.
  • Senator Lujan’s staff in 2013


  • Creating Opportunity & Jobs- Workforce Development, Cut Regulation, Expand Rural Connectivity, Middle Income Tax Cut
  • Protecting Life & Liberty- Pro-Life, Second Amendment, Voter Integrity, Religious Liberty
  • Securing America’s Future- Finish the Wall, Strengthen our Military, Support our Veterans, Expand the Missions
  • Protecting Farmers & Ranchers- People over Politics, Secure the Border, Work Permits & Immigration, Tax Reform for Land Owners, Protect Private Property
  • Expanding Energy Production- American First Production, Stop the Green New Deal, Invest in Roads, Solve the Housing Crisis, Reduce Regulations
  • Reforming Healthcare- Reducing the Cost, Expanding Rural Care, Stopping Medicare for All, Expanding Mental Healthcare

-Yvette Herrell

  • Building a Thriving Economy
  • All New Mexicans Deserve Affordable, High Quality Healthcare
  • Protecting New Mexicans from the COVID pandemic
  • Conserving New Mexico’s Lands and Natural Resources
  • Investing in Clean Energy and Combating Climate Change
  • Free and Fair Elections
  • Protecting Women’s Right to Choose and Access to Reproductive Healthcare
  • Advancing Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Keeping our Communities Safe
  • Supporting our Veterans
  • Upholding Ethics in Congress
  • Respecting Tribal Sovereignty and Investing in Native American Communities

-Gabe Vasquez



Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)
Alexis Martinez Johnson (R)


  • Current Congresswoman for District 3 since 2021
  • Clinton and Obama presidential appointee and worked as a White House Fellow on housing issues and as Vice Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
  • Former attorney for tribal sovereignty and the advocate for Hispanic cultural expression
  • An environmental engineer with Larson & Associates
  • Negotiated responsible use of energy (oil and gas and nuclear) while keeping communities employed.
  • Became a nuclear provider with Exelon Power
  • Columnist for USA Today 
  • Correspondent for Fox News
  • Affiliated with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


  • Education- wants every child to have access to early childhood education and public schools that inspire them to achieve their potential.
  • Farmers- wants our ranchers and farmers to stay on their land and help build a green rural economy.
  • Infrastructure- wants our country to invest in the 21st century infrastructure of broadband, transportation, housing and clean energy that we need for our communities and businesses to prosper.
  • Healthcare- wants every person to have affordable and accessible health care.
  • Job Growth- wants our state to build a dynamic and innovative economy that creates fulfilling, well-paying jobs for all our kids here in New Mexico.
  • Land Conservation- wants to keep our public lands pristine and protected for generations to come.

-Teresa Leger Fernandez

  • Economy- believes in the dignity of work and that the United States must always be the land of opportunity.
  • Agriculture- looks to promote environmental stewardship not environmental alarmism which, in the past, has closed the timber industry in northern New Mexico while creating fire hazards due to extremist government policies.
  • Pueblos, Tribes, and Nations- will continue to protect the valuable cultural contributions and revenue of Native American jewelry industry, ensuring that Native American jewelry is not reproduced by China.
  • Border Safety- The United States should reform our broken and arbitrary immigration system to give everyone who wishes to become an American the opportunity to do so. 
  • Education- We need leaders who will protect our children from the over-sexualization of school curriculum and radical CRT indoctrination.
  • Energy- believes we should continue to produce oil and clean natural gas in the United States, we should also continue to invest in researching effective long-term energy solutions, including solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, and others, as well in carbon reduction technologies necessary to reduce the current build up of greenhouse gases
  • Crime- believes that our economy thrives when our citizens can operate their businesses safely and without fear.
  • COVID-19- supports getting vaccinated, but she also supports antiviral treatments, monoclonal antibodies, and other proven solutions, including listening to the advice of well-respected scientists on natural immunity.
  • Healthcare- looks to fully fund research to battle the Covid pandemic, making sure that healthcare alternatives, such as tele-health, are accessible so patients can get the care they need.
  • Family Values- will fight to put New Mexico families first – whether that’s the right to self-defense, lowering taxes and regulations on small businesses, affordable healthcare, or quality education.
  • Veterans- will fight to ensure every veteran gets access to healthcare and job training so that our veterans are taken care of when they hang up their uniform.

-Alexis Martinez Johnson