Albuquerque is experiencing a crisis with transients and vagrants. The crimes associated with them, like open drug use, theft, vandalism, and violent crimes are all on the rise. Mayor Keller is openly defiant in telling the public that police will not respond to certain illegal activities. Read more HERE.

In a recent CNN interview, the governor said, “In Albuquerque, you are not safe going to work, getting your prescription drugs, or going to a public park.” Read more HERE.

The crime rate in Albuquerque is 170.9% higher than the national average. Read more HERE.

Crime Stats                                             Albuquerque     Nationwide     Rate Higher Than National Avg.

Crimes per 100,000 people                           6,356                   2,346                                 2.7

Violent crimes per 100,000 people               1,344                       388                                 3.5

Property crimes per 100,000 people             5,012                   1,158                                 4.3

We must take decisive action to change this. Right now, businesses are being targeted as the problem and told they must fix it. Read more HERE.

NMBC has secured a legal team with proven success on this very issue. They won a landmark decision in Phoenix, AZ in Freddy Brown, et al. v. City of Phoenix. They secured a better interpretation than provided in the Martin v. City of Boise which is being used as a crutch by the city to take no action on these issues. The AZ law firm wants to take this model nationwide. Read more HERE.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit against ABQ on behalf of people removed from Coronado Park. They received an injunction/court order prohibiting the city from removing tents or other personal property without notice. The AZ attorneys said this is even more reason an injunction ordering ABQ to enforce basic laws is important.

Texas is receiving thousands of immigrants per day and shipping them to other jurisdictions. The City of Albuquerque is preparing to accept ‘busloads’ and provide emergency assistance. The situation with transients/vagrants is about to get much worse unless we don’t do something soon. Read more HERE. 

This lawsuit is not about solving homelessness. It is about solving the humanitarian crisis created by bad government decisions dealing with the vagrants and transients in our city. It is about enforcing existing laws that will improve public safety and the quality of life for everyone.

Donors to the NMBC legal fund will remain anonymous.

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