NMBC 2020 Legislative and Policy Positions

  • State Budget: Leadership and fiscal responsibility, not Band-Aids and reckless spending.  Our budget should provide for the state’s needs (public safety, education, roads, etc.) based on reasonable projections of recurring revenue. Surplus tax revenue should be used for one-time investments to improve our state, not government expansion. Consideration should be given to equitable distribution based on economic activity and tax income production by county. 
  • New Mexico Tax Code: Smart tax management means more state revenue. The tax code should be rewritten to provide for a sound revenue base.  A clean, fair tax code – based on sales tax and not GRT will promote business growth and stabilize state revenue while making NM more competitive. 
  • Public Safety: Safety breeds prosperity. New Mexico’s criminal code and judicial system must be strengthened to: a) Stop ‘catch and release’; and b) Increase enforcement of existing laws. Until New Mexico is deemed safer, we cannot keep or attract businesses and New Mexicans deserve to feel safe.
  • Manufacturing: NMBC, the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM), is seeking to expand manufacturing in New Mexico. To encourage business growth, we should focus on necessary policies and regulations that support our state and do not impede business growth.
  • Energy:  Bio-balance where peoples’ lives matter. NM needs responsible laws that do not excessively limit any industry from producing valuable energy, jobs, or resources while assuring the protection of our land, water, and air. We need effective land and resource management that allows the extractive and other industries to maximize production, job creation, and budget support for our state.
  • Regulatory burdens: Reduce the impact of unnecessary regulation and watch New Mexico flourish. While sound regulation is necessary, we must ensure it is not an unnecessary impediment to business creation and growth. Each regulation should be reviewed to determine: 1) Is it necessary? 2) Can implementation be streamlined? and 3) Is it contradictory or duplicative of other regulations.
  • Permanent Fund: Permanent Fund depletion will hurt the future of New Mexico’s children. The Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) is New Mexico’s education endowment fund.  The current 5% allocation rate provides $1 billion annually. Increasing the distribution now jeopardizes future generations.
  • Employment laws: Free market, private sector competition – not one size fits all government mandated employer/employee relations. We need fair employment laws that recognize the uniqueness of our businesses and employees. Free market competition will provide for positive worker conditions while allowing businesses to thrive and create new employment opportunities.
  • Workforce development: A good education is the first step in developing a quality workforce. Our educational system should be modeled after successful states. We must provide a quality education (including technical and trade related options) as well as new job opportunities that encourage them to stay in our state. 
  • Economic incentives: Invest in job creation that benefits New Mexico.  Incentives should be offered only when proper analysis shows economic benefit to the state and includes detailed, strict and enforceable claw back parameters.
  • State’s Rights: New Mexico should support a Convention of States to reduce and define the federal government’s control.

Download a copy of NMBC 2020 Legislative and Policy Positions HERE.