Pay Mandated Wage or GO TO JAIL

Under the leadership of Bernalillo County Commission Chair, Maggie Hart Stebbins, Commissioners Debbie O’Malley and Art De La Cruz are lining up behind a new mandated wage law that now includes criminal prosecution with penalties of 90 days in jail, a $300 fine or both. Don’t our law enforcement officers have enough to do without adding WAGE POLICE to their list of duties?

NMBC on TV leading petition drive against more lost jobs.

Get Involved and Take Action New Mexico

The Bernalillo County Commission is meeting TODAY at 5:00 pm.
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government
Vincent E. Griego Chambers, Concourse Level II.
Commissioners will consider raising the minimum wage to $8.50/hour and indexing it to inflation (where it will increase automatically but never adjust downward in times of recession.)

There will be a great NMBC crowd to speak up for working families, our youth and seniors by speaking against this job killing measure. We encourage you to call and email the following Commissioners TODAY and ask them to vote ‘no’ on raising the Bernalillo County Minimimum Wage: Debbie O’Malley, Maggie Hart Stebbins, and Art De La Cruz.

You can also let the Commissioners know that raising the minimum wage is bad for our economy by signing a statewide, online ‘Petition for Business Owners Opposed to Raising the Minimum Wage’ here or sending your message to them at

Become a member of the New Mexico Business Coalition Today and join our effort to make New Mexico a prosperous place for businesses and individuals.

Contact the New Mexico Business Coalition at (505) 836-4223 or for more information.