Education & Workforce Development

Education & Workforce Development: Our educational system should be modeled after successful states. We must provide a quality education (including technical/trade related options) as well as new job opportunities that…


State Control

State Control: Less Government intervention allows the free market to grow, businesses and employees to prosper, effectively improving the lives of all New Mexicans in the process.Below is a list…


Hands off of New Mexico’s permanent fund

Hands off permanent fund

Letter to the Editor, Albuquerque Journal, published on April 7, 2018. Written by JOE STEHLING of Angel Fire

I TRULY DO not understand why the activists who want to tap our permanent fund are willing to sacrifice the future of New Mexico to throw more money at early childhood education. They have no idea of the economics and long-term impact on drawing down the fund for unproven results.


Blank Checks — Low Expectations – No Accountability

Protecting our Children’s Future: Why does the NMBC fight to maintain our permanent funds? Because we care about our children’s education and the opportunities for their future! The NMBC opposes the efforts of some state legislators to pass constitutional amendments (CA’s) that would raid New Mexico’s Land Grant Permanent Fund. Read more in the Op-Ed titled ‘Special-Interest Groups Loving NM Permanent Fund to Death,’ written by NMBC President Carla Sonntag.


Care About Our Kids? Time to Vote.

School board elections matter! School board elections are being held around the state on Tuesday, 2/7/17. If you didn't vote early, vote Tuesday.

Don't have kids in school and think it doesn't affect you? Think again! If the kids being educated in the New Mexico school system stay in New Mexico, they will follow one of two paths: 1) They will become New Mexico's workforce; or 2) They will become New Mexico's next generation of government assistance recipients.


New Mexico’s Educational System – Is More Money the Answer to its Problems?

New Mexico consistently ranks 49th nationwide for education. How’s that working out for our people? Obviously not well. Our kids are not receiving a quality education and some can’t read when they graduate – if, in fact, they do graduate. In addition, companies often use our educational system as yet another reason to avoid our state.

Can we do better? Of course! There is little place to go but up.


Accountability – Not Excuses and More Money

Based on unofficial projections, the state Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) will pay out a record-high $688 million for public schools and other beneficiaries in the coming budget year. That amount is based on a 5 percent withdrawal rate. But there is some bad news.