CNM Spends $626,000 on 80 Year Old Homes, Asks Voters to Approve a Tax Increase For Dire Need Repairs

  • Post published:January 21, 2016
  • Post category:News

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) announced new information today about the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) request for a property tax increase.

Public records show that CNM has spent $626,000 on off-campus, residential homes that are 80 years old. The homes, listed on Bernalillo County (BernCo) property tax records, are located at 2101 Oxford Avenue SE and 2100 Coal Place SE. Here are the details:

1. CNM is listed as the owner of 2100 Coal Place SE, a 2466 square foot triplex. The home sold to CNM in 2014 for $272,000.

2. CNM is listed as the owner of 2101 Oxford Avenue SE, a 1080 square foot home. According to annual reports, CNM paid $163,000 for the home in 2013.

3. CNM annual reports show that $191,000 was approved for the “2101 Oxford Property” in 2015, listing ”Renewal and Replacement” as the source of funding.

NMBC is focused on educating voters about issues that affect them, like the CNM property tax increase election that is underway. To that end, Carla J. Sonntag, President, said, “Voters deserve accountability, honesty, and transparency from public officials on how tax dollars are spent. While businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and working families are facing the worst economic times in decades, CNM wants a tax increase. Voters will have the final say on whether or not decisions, like the one to spend $626,000 on 80 year old homes instead of maintaining classrooms, warrants approval of a CNM tax increase.”

NMBC supports teacher raises and providing quality educational materials for our kids. The requested tax increase will do neither. All eligible voters are encouraged to make their voice heard.

Contact: Carla Sonntag (505) 836-4223

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