What is Gerrymandering?

In light of NM House Speaker Brian Egolf's recent comments on Gerrymandering, NMBC wanted to go deeper and provide New Mexicans an honest look at what the term means and…


Why Change the NM PRC?

In addition to candidate races and bond issues, the 2020 General Election ballot contains two proposed constitutional amendments that voters will decide. The first and most important of the two…


Setting the record straight on Public Safety

Do police body camera’s lead to better accountability?   

Public safety breeds prosperity and that’s something New Mexico needs.   The issue of increased crime in our state is one of NMBC’s priority objectives for legislators, but elected officials at the local level need to be held accountable too. 


NMBC Truth Campaign

For too long, New Mexicans have been missing out on the full truth about a wide variety of issues like: 1) what our electric companies go through in dealing with aggressive special interest groups to provide us with clean, affordable, energy; or 2) why some elected officials will pander to special interest groups in order to get re-elected - even when those special interest groups are destroying our economy.

Those times are over. Donate Now!


National Day of Prayer

Much more than a slogan on the #USA dollar bill, 'In God we Trust,' reflects what a blessing it is to be an American. As our nation struggles with foreign and domestic threats, economic insecurity, cultural tensions, and continual challenges to basic constitutional rights, NMBC encourages citizens of the United States to exercise one of their most precious freedoms – the right to gather, turn to God, and pray.