A personal note from NMBC

New Mexico, on behalf of the New Mexico Business Coalition staff, we love you.  Why?  Even when it’s hard to stay engaged, when we put out a ‘Call to Action,’ NMBC followers always come through!

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of being in the mosh pit of politics striving for better policy and regulation so that we can all enjoy a better way of life. 

Even when it’s hard to stay engaged, NMBC followers always come through on Calls to Action! YOU are making the difference in very important issues and, together, we are experiencing victories when the opposition thinks they’ve got it in the bag.

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Union dues, allowable as a condition of employment, signed into law in NM

Governor Lujan Grisham has signed HB 85 Union Security Agreements, which eliminates Right to Work employee free-choice ordinances in 10 counties and the Village of Ruidoso.  This makes mandatory union dues as a condition of employment allowable in New Mexico.

NMBC’s position remains that this new law appears to violate the New Mexico state Constitution in three ways:

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Noteworthy Legislative Updates

As the normal course of business for the legislature, much is happening in the final days ending Saturday, 3/16/19, at noon. 


You’ll get the best update at the BASH on April 4, 2019 with Sen Stuart Ingle.  Don’t miss this great event – register here.

 A few of the latest highlights that could change at any moment:

 HB 6 Tax Changes:

            – Removed Personal Income Tax (PIT) increase. Good news for most businesses and higher income earners, like doctors.

            – Increase vehicle purchase tax to 3.5 percent (formerly in the bill at 4.2 percent)

            – Charge GRT on online sales (as allowed by the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling)

            – Charge GRT to nonprofit hospitals (as is current practice with for profit hospitals)

            – Increased working families tax credit

            – Increased cigarette tax

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Water Conservation: Something we can all get behind

It’s been a tough session, at times, on business, pocket books and our state constitution.  The debates on these issues have left many wanting a serious policy bill where everyone benefits and no one gets hurt.  We are happy to report we have found it! 

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