Water Conservation: Something we can all get behind

It’s been a tough session, at times, on business, pocket books and our state constitution.  The debates on these issues have left many wanting a serious policy bill where everyone benefits and no one gets hurt.  We are happy to report we have found it! 

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A New Low for the NM Legislature

With so many bad bills being rammed through the legislature, the state is at a crossroads.  Will we continue to see a free for all of wills or will the legislators consider what is good for the state, our people and our businesses?

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Proposed withdrawals from Land Grant Permanent Fund don’t add up

Commentary on proposed legislation that would take more money out of New Mexico’s Land Grant Permanent Fund, by NMBC follower David C. Williams, Ph. D.

In considering the wisdom of the proposed increased withdrawal rates from the Permanent Fund, it would be wise to remember that increasing the withdrawal rate from 5% to 6% will reduce the rate of growth (or increase the rate of decline) of the Fund, with the effect on the magnitude of the Fund being cumulative as time passes.  The time will therefore come (which I call the “cross-over time”) when a withdrawal of 6% will yield no more than would have a withdrawal of 5% if the rate had been left at that value; after the cross-over time, the fund with a continuing 6% withdrawal would still be yielding less than it would have with a 5% withdrawal if the rate had been left at that value.  If we neglect for the moment the effect of continuing inflows to the Fund from various royalties, a little math shows that the cross-over time is about 18 years (18.23 years, in my simplified model).  After that, the 6% withdrawal rate would be yielding less than would have been yielded by leaving the rate at 5%.

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The Santa Fe Money Grab and Attack on our Rights

Commentary By Carla J. Sonntag

President and Founder, New Mexico Business Coalition

It’s admirable to see how hard our legislators are working. Whether I agree with them or not, they are focused on moving their agendas.

The question is whether or not those agendas are best for our state.

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Right to Work sinks, taxes on the rise

Taking away our rights: The House passed HB 85 Union Security Agreements along party lines with Democrats supporting and Republicans opposing over the weekend. The bill, if signed into law, would stop additional counties from passing Right to Work (RTW) ordinances. It also retroactively takes away the rights of the workers who work in 10 NM counties or the Village of Ruidoso that passed RTW ordinances. Incredibly the bill states in Section 1 B that ‘any employer or labor organization may execute and apply an agreement REQUIRING membership in a labor organization AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT.’ 

This is a horrible attack on employees’ rights to decide if they will join a union or not. It also takes away a Commission’s right to govern their county with the authority it has always had in employment-related issues such as minimum wage, sick leave, … etc. 
Now, about that tax increase…..

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