Kudos & ‘Giving Tuesday’

The New Mexico Business Coalition continues to ask the question, “Why do people who want to raid the permanent fund hate our kids?” So far, no answer has been forthcoming but there are some elected officials who are moving in the right direction.

Thinking outside the box to save New Mexico: Rep Yvette Herrell

Our sincere gratitude to Rep Herrell, who does not go along with the crowd, but looks for solutions unseen by others to solve problems. Last session, she introduced legislation that would allow the state to control more of the lands in New Mexico currently held by the federal government. It would allow NM to determine its best use and capture the associated revenues from its use. Too new of a concept to many, Rep Herrell pursued approval of a study in order to show the value of concept.

We have now seen two reasons that NM needs control of our lands: 1) Just months ago the feds kept the revenue due our state to solve their own financial issues. We got the money back, but it was a fight. It’s our revenue and it should never pass through the fed’s greedy hands! 2) Commissioner Powell, in an Op-Ed, touted the value of a study to determine how to better fund our schools by having control of more of our lands.

Now that the value of this study is a bi-partisan concern, NM needs to get fully behind Rep Herrell’s legislation, study the issue and take back control of more of New Mexico’s lands!

Kudos to three New Mexico elected officials who care about New Mexico’s kids: Senators John Arthur Smith and John Sapien and Land Commissioner Ray Powell. These men know the value of the state’s land grant permanent fund and protect it from those who see no value in preserving this fund for the education of future generations.

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