Mayor, City Council, Your Vote Counts!

  • Post published:October 26, 2015
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The important position of Las Cruces Mayor features two candidates who were involved in the GRT increase decision in 2013. Incumbent Mayor, Ken Miyagishima, voted to increase the tax, while opponent Councilor Miguel Silva was the only “no” vote against the increase. Las Cruceans overwhelmingly rejected tax increases at the polls; NMBC encourages voters to take this opportunity to choose elected officials who support public policy that is best for the community. Read more in an Op-Ed from NMBC President Carla Sonntag here:

Voters have great options for City Councilor with three candidates who own and operate businesses. Their testimonials indicate they understand the importance of businesses being allowed to thrive in order for the community to grow and prosper.

District 1 candidate Melecio Eli Guzman said, “I know what it means to start from the bottom and work my way up. I have seen and been a part of the struggles of trying to expand a business here in Las Cruces. We need the business community in order for our city to be strong. Strong business equals strong economic growth.”

When asked what relationship he believes a city councilor should have with the business community, District 2 candidate Phillip A. Van Veen said, “a vibrant business community sets the tone for our entire economy. Business provides the jobs and collects the GRT needed to keep us moving forward. I feel that this position should first and foremost serve the people of Las Cruces. Part of that is to ensure we have a healthy economy with a diverse mix of employment opportunities for our citizens.”

District 4 candidate Richard A. Hall reiterates the need to grow the economy, saying, “As a small business owner and leader in the nonprofit community, I know the importance of a strong economy and vibrant community. I will bring more jobs to District 4 and will fight to lower taxes for all Las Cruceans. I understand the needs and concerns of my neighbors and am committed to making sure their voice is heard and represented on the City Council.”

The Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce has released the following endorsements for the races. Click on each name to read surveys from the candidates and their opponents:

City of Las Cruces Mayor
Miguel G. Silva

City of Las Cruces Council – District 1
Melecio Eli Guzman

City of Las Cruces Council – District 2
Phillip A. Van Veen

City of Las Cruces Council – District 4
Richard A. Hall

Las Cruces, it is time to Get Out the Vote.

See more information from the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce here.

Voting locations and times can be found here.

Please contact the NMBC with questions or comments at or (505) 836-4223.