Vote Tomorrow – BASH on Thursday

Join us for a BASH (Business and Social Hour) this Thursday, March 6, at the Albuquerque Country Club from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. RSVP Today for the NMBC BASH.

Here is a list of confirmed elected/appointed officials and candidates for office who will be at the BASH:
Lt. Gov John Sanchez, Court of Appeals Judge Miles Hanisee, Senators Mark Moores and John Ryan; Representatives Tom Anderson, Alonzo Baldonado, Larry Larranaga, Tim Lewis, Paul Pacheco, Bill Rehm, Jim Smith, Bob Wooley, and Monica Youngblood; BernCo Sheriff Dan Houston, BernCo Commissioner Wayne Johnson, Sandoval County Commissioner Glenn Walters, State Fair Commissioner Larry Kennedy, Village of Tijeras Councilor Maxine Wilson, Congressional Candidates Mike Frese and Richard Priem, Former State Senator and State Treasurer Candidate Tim Eichenberg, Former State Rep and Candidate for State Auditor Robert Aragon, State Rep Candidates Sarah Maestas-Barnes and Waylon Chavez, and Village of Tijeras Councilor Candidate Dave Wilson.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with these officials, candidates, and community leaders. The keynote speaker, Lt. Gov John Sanchez, will give details of what happened during the 2014 Legislative Session. Limited seating available, RSVP NOW. Early bird pricing ($10) ends March 5; tickets at the door will be $15.