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The Senate floor at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

2021 State Legislative Session Resources

  • Post published:January 15, 2021
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The 2021 New Mexico State Legislative Session is underway and NMBC is already going to bat for New Mexican businesses. Across the state businesses struggle to remain open and provide employment to New Mexican families and a voice for our community of job creators is needed more than ever. No matter the obstacles of this remote session, you can rest assured that NMBC will be doing our utmost to fight for common sense legislation that promotes a healthy business climate in the state and elected accountability. 

We will continue to update our website and media outlets as often as possible to provide up to date information on the Legislative session. Additionally we have many resources available below for you to keep in touch with legislators and monitor the session. If you have questions or any concerns NMBC can assist with during or after the session, email and we will do our best to assist you. 

Legislative Session Resources

Because the session is closed to the public this year due to Covid-19, it will be very difficult to reach legislators or their staff in person or with the traditional Capitol mailboxes. Additionally, we have heard from some legislators that they will be outright muting or redirecting mass email campaigns this year. They have argued that these types of email campaigns will further add to the difficulties of a remote session.  While this may be true, it’s no excuse to restrict feedback from constituents. To that end we encourage you to reach out individually to your legislator by phone and email. Mass email and letter writing campaigns can be effective, but the impact of a real call or genuine email should not be overlooked. NMBC encourages you to get involved and speak to your legislators on the issues that matter to you. 

The links below will be helpful for determining your representatives in the house and senate and reaching them on an individual basis. We also have links to help you get even more involved in the session. You can look up legislation and read the bills in live time as they make their way through the Roundhouse and it’s labyrinth of committees. We also have links to watch the live stream meetings, see schedules and important dates, committee membership and so much more. 

NMBC Legislative and Policy Positions

The 2021 NMBC Legislative Priorities are available on our website and were compiled with the input from NMBC members prior to the start of the session. While many of the priorities are in a similar vein to previous years, we incorporated great feedback from our members to refine the scope of our efforts this year. Our Legislative Priorities determine where we will focus our work during the session. With hundreds of bills filed each session, it’s easy to lose track and get lost in the legislative weeds. Click the link below to see where NMBC will be focusing this session and the outcomes we feel are important for New Mexicans. 

The NMBC Bill Tracker

 The NMBC Legislative Bill Tracker is also up and running once again for the 2021 Legislative Session. This handy too allows you to see, in real time, the bills NMBC is actively working on or watching as they make their way through the roundhouse. Any bill that falls within the scope of our Legislative and Policy Positions will be tracked in it’s respective bill category. 
The simplicity of this tool cuts out all of the erroneous legislation that clouds the conversation and lets you see straight away what NMBC is working on live as it happens. The bill tracker is shown below and is broken down into categories based on NMBC’s legislative priorities. The lists will be constantly updated and changing to reflect the situation in Santa Fe. If you have any questions about the bill tracker or how to use it please contact Kody at for assistance.