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‘Keep it in the Ground’ environmentalists sue New Mexico…

  • Post published:May 17, 2023
  • Post category:News

Several ‘Keep it in the Ground’ environmental groups are suing the state in an effort to stop oil and gas production in New Mexico. Without any evidence to back up their claims, these groups allege the industry is ‘making people sick,’ among other complaints. The lawsuit goes so far as to say the governor and state lawmakers should, ‘…fulfill their duty to control oil and gas pollution because we have an oil and gas pollution crisis in our state.’ 

While there is ample proof NM is at the ‘crises’ level with crime, poverty and government dependence, which are at all time highs, there is no pollution crises!

Fact is, over the past few years our state has implemented some of the most stringent regulations in the nation on the oil and gas industry:
  • In 2019, an Executive Order was signed, putting together the ‘Climate Change Task Force’ to address emissions from oil and gas production. Read more HERE.
  • In 2021, the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department implemented rules that limit venting and flaring, significantly curbing methane emissions from the industry.
  • In 2022, the Environmental Department enacted a strong emissions rule, addressing emissions of ozone precursor pollutants – volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen. It is estimated this rule will reduce emissions by approximately 260 million pounds annually. Read more HERE.
It is clear that the only law or regulation concerning the oil and gas industry that would satisfy radical environmental groups are ones that would shut this industry down completely. That would be a true crises for our state. Read more HERE.