NMBC Urgent Call to Action

  • Post published:January 5, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

Here are some things you should know about the case:

The hearing is in regards to a plan requiring PNM to shut down two coal-fired units at San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) and retrofit the remaining two units with equipment meant to improve visibility in the Four Corners region.

The EPA mandate that started this process was about visibility – not health. Through PNM’s diligence, there has been a historic collaboration between the company, the NM Environment Department and the EPA which also addressed greenhouse gas emissions. A diverse group of interested parties also agreed that this is the most cost-effective plan that will comply with current and proposed federal environmental regulations.

The NMBC is urging the PRC to approve the plan as submitted and it’s important that you do the same. Why are we asking you to make your voice heard? Unfortunately, there are some who oppose the plan because they want the entire power plant shut down with all replacement power coming from renewable sources. It would cost approximately $1.5 billion to replace all of the retired SJGS power with solar. Since we don’t know the full impact of current replacement power costs, this discussion is premature. What we do know is the activist groups, funded by the alternative energy companies who profit from shutting down cheaper energy production, will be protesting outside the hearing. They will have paid staff testifying and WILL be making their voices heard asking the PRC to shut down the entire SJGS.

No one would deny that clean air and water are important. But please consider how much of these environmental initiatives are necessary and what price you are willing to pay. Because a few overzealous environmentalists are being very vocal in this case, it’s important for business owners and individuals to voice their opinion as well.

An informative Op-Ed on the case can be viewed HERE.

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