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em123020a/legislature/Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Roundhouse will be closed to the public during the 2021 Legislative Session. Photo shot Wednesday December 30, 2020. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

2021 Legislative Session Wrap Up

The Legislative Session has concluded after a 60 day marathon of new and recycled bills, impassioned testimonies, committee meetings and vigorous debate. Lawmakers submitted over 900 pieces of legislation for…


HB 12 Cannabis Regulation

HB 12 Cannabis Regulation Act by Rep Martínez, Romero, and Armstrong.  Of the 5 Cannabis bills introduced, this one is the darling getting more traction, but not the support its…


HB 291 Tax Changes

HB 291 Tax Changes by Reps Martinez, Chandler, and McQueen. This bill is a redistribution of wealth measure that by 2025 will raise $116 million/year and give $100 million/year to…