The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

MORE GOOD: Help wage-payers to help wage-earners: Government expansion is not the answer to create jobs and a healthy economy. Many New Mexicans agree. In a recent Albuquerque Journal Op-Ed, Brad Day, a NMBC member, points out that the way to help employees is to create an environment where employers can provide good paying jobs.

THE BAD: Organ Monument Resistance. If NM Senators Heinrich and Udall proceed with proposed legislation concerning the Organ Mountains, 20 percent of the land in Dona Ana County will be taken from the control of New Mexicans and become ‘protected’ federal property. Las Cruces, we warned you about this issue in the last three visits NMBC made to your community.

This is of statewide concern and the time to act is now! Contact Senators Heinrich and Udall TODAY! Tell them it is critical for New Mexico to control its own lands.

MORE BAD: Obamacare comes with bewildering tax increases. It’s critical that New Mexicans – and all Americans – pay attention to who is elected and what laws they put into effect. The continued increase in taxes and other costs to implement the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is a great example of why it matters.

THE UGLY: Unions taking over government? A recent Op-Ed discusses the link between unions and party politics.

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