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BASH Sold Out – New Mexico a Lobster Pot?

  • Post published:June 27, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

Susan’s words hit me like a hot searing knife. My stomach churned, not wanting to hear this and, most especially, not wanting to think she could be right. Lunch and the conversation were pretty much over at that point and that was a relief because I really didn’t feel like talking any more.

I came back to my office and got back to the business of trying to make New Mexico a better place to work and live. But Susan’s words kept running through my thoughts, making it difficult to concentrate on the policy issues and upcoming elections. If what she said were true, what difference did it make how we changed policy and who we elected? To that end, how could we change policy to make business operations in New Mexico better, if we don’t truly – to our core – want people to succeed?

And what about the people we’re electing? Will they be part of the solution to stop this ‘lobster pot’ effort to step on people for their own gain? Will they make sure they never attempt to drag others down or help others who operate that way? Or will they continue this warped existence of never truly caring to make things better because someone might succeed?

After much soul-searching, I came to the unfortunate conclusion that Susan is absolutely correct.

But there is a caveat. It’s not ALL people in New Mexico who act like lobsters in a pot. It’s SOME people who are miserable in their life and want others to be that way as well.

Call me the eternal optimist, but I believe there are a lot of people – in fact the majority of people – in New Mexico that DO want this state and our people to succeed.

So what’s holding us back from making that happen? In my humble opinion, there are a few reasons why people who love this state and want it to succeed aren’t doing anything about it:

1) Lack of Information/Not knowing what to do or how to help: Some people just don’t fully understand how serious this situation is and many others understand the gravity, but have no idea how to help make it right. We’ve got to make some tough decision NOW that will change the course of this state.

The NMBC is doing everything we can to inform and bring you current and accurate information. During the election season, we will be researching candidates and setting the record straight on false and misleading information.

Encourage your friends and colleagues to sign up for NMBC emails at: You deserve straight facts that will help you make better decisions when you go to the polls this fall. There is no cost or obligation to be informed by NMBC. Going to the polls this fall is mandatory! And you should be taking a friend or five with you. Not voting should not be a consideration.

2) Lack of time: With taxes and regulation continuing to increase at the state and federal levels, many people are consumed with trying to do what is required of them. They feel unable to contribute resources to anything else.

That is understandable and we share your pain over what is occurring. However, NMBC recognizes that if we don’t right this ship now, we may not be able to do it later. Horrible legislative and regulatory decisions have been made over this state’s history regarding taxation, regulation, the criminal code and almost every business issue you can imagine. There have been some good decisions too, but obviously not enough.

It is clear that we are not on a path to success. Our neighboring states are on an upward trajectory and we’re barely treading water. But we CAN learn from our mistakes and we CAN change what we’re doing to create the opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals to succeed. It IS possible to be happy for others’ success. Ultimately, when others succeed, we all succeed because success means more revenue for the state and common good with less individual responsibility to pay for it.

Join us in this mission!

3) Apathy: Some of our greatest people have all but given up. Others have given up. We’ve had some amazing people leave this state, believing they could do better without the ‘lobster effect’ and the ‘poverty mentality’ that NMBC talks about.

We believe this state is worth the fight to make it better! Call me the eternal optimist, but better times are ahead. The question is will it be in and for New Mexico?

What will it take to make a difference? It will take focus and energy on the right mission. It will require holding elected officials accountable – regardless of their party affiliation. This is not about a person’s party affiliation; it’s about the decisions being made that will either help this state or hurt it.

Above all else, it means believing that this state is worth the effort. It will take a concerted effort to get us on the right path, but it will be time well invested. If you are not part of the solution by at the very least making informed decisions at the polls, you are a part of the problem. Decide NOW to be a part of the solution!

We CAN do better, New Mexico! We do not have to live in a lobster pot or accept this poverty mentality any longer. Here’s what we MUST do:

    We must BELIEVE that we can do better.

    We must JOIN TOGETHER and demand better solutions.

    We must engage and help FIND BETTER SOLUTIONS, not expecting others to continue carrying the load. It’s always easier to not get involved and then gripe about what others have done.

    We must SUPPORT GOOD SOLUTIONS AND OPPPOSE BAD ONES that seem to be the popular or easy way. Good solutions are not easy to implement, but will lead to a better tomorrow when they are in place.

For more information, questions or comments, contact NMBC at (505) 836-4223,, or visit our website at