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Does APS think money grows on trees?

  • Post published:January 17, 2019
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  1.  None of the proposed tax increase goes to teachers or education. APS is offering some feeble examples of where the money MIGHT be spent to educate our kids, like internet services.  The truth is the schools are already equipped with internet service and if APS needs better/faster service, they should negotiate that with carriers because of their high volume usage. That doesn’t require millions more in tax dollars.
  2. APS claims they need the money to make our schools safer. The fact is that should’ve been a priority all along – not an afterthought.  Fortunately for APS, the Governor has pledged state funding for this purpose, so it’s not necessary to increase property taxes for that purpose.
  3. Property values increase almost every year and, as a result, so do property taxes. That means almost every single year, APS automatically gets more money out of every property owner that resides in the APS school district and yet they’re asking for a straight tax increase above and beyond the annual increases?
  4. Renters are not immune to this tax increase. Landlords and property owners may not be able to absorb a 19 percent mil levy increase without passing it on to renters.
  5. Who is going to be harmed the most by a property tax increase? Seniors, low-income families and anyone else on a low fixed income.  According to Bernalillo County already has one of the highest property taxes in the United States when considered against median income.
  6. How does APS spending per child compare to surrounding states? According to the National Education Association (NEA) data, New Mexico spends more on capital improvements than other states.  New Mexico is currently spending over $2,000 per student. In TX it’s about $1,500; in OK and UT about $1,200; in CO around $1,000; and about $750 per student in AZ.  And they need more?
  7. How is APS currently managing your tax dollars? The Greater Albuquerque Board of Realtors suggests the average commercial project in Albuquerque costs about $250 per square foot. The cost of the new APS Professional Development Complex at 3315 Louisiana Blvd NE is projected to be almost double that rate at $466 per square foot.
  8. APS enrollment has dropped over 10,000 students in the past 8 years.  Why do they continue to build new facilities – unrelated to classrooms – with dropping enrollment?
  9. APS facilities have over doubled in space. Over the past 8 years, they have gone from 7 million square feet of facilities to over 16 million square feet.  Why is APS continuing to build instead of maintaining the facilities they have?

 You should have received your APS ballot in the mail.  If not, call the Bernalillo County Clerk (505) 243-8683, (even if you live in Sandoval County this is the number to call).

The only way to vote on these APS tax issues is by mail and ballots must be received by Bernalillo County Clerk by 7 pm on February 5, 2019.  Make sure to vote for all three initiatives contained on two sides of the ballot.

 Know the facts and VOTE SMART!