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NMBC Fights Washington D.C. Job Killing Regs, and We Won!

  • Post published:December 7, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

U.S. District Court Judge Amos L Mazzant III issued an injunction against the DOL rule that would have more than doubled the salary threshold for employees to qualify for overtime, regardless of job responsibilities. The rule would have made millions of formerly exempt executive, administrative, professional and computer-related employees eligible for overtime pay.

While the DOL has announced plans to appeal the decision, the timing is such that the fate of the overtime rule is now likely in the hands of the 115th Congress and the incoming Trump administration.

Will New Mexico’s Children and Opportunities for a Prosperous Future Go Up in Smoke? “We already know marijuana use in teenagers and young adults has an adverse effect on brain development. The research is abundant and unequivocal,” says Paul Chavez, a 30+ year law enforcement veteran with expertise and experience working with drug cases.

If Senator Ortiz y Pino and other legislators get their way, New Mexico will join other states in legalizing ‘recreational’ use of marijuana during the 2017 Session. If this happens, Paul Chavez made a prediction in an Albuquerque Journal Op-Ed, “…in the long run our children and our grandchildren will ultimately hate us for it.” Read More HERE.

The 2017 Legislative Session: Other than the budget crises, what is the most important issue our legislators should address? NMBC is reaching out to New Mexicans to determine the most important issues for the upcoming 2017 legislative session. We’d like to hear from you too! Send an email to with your input on what our elected officials should focus on and why. As we’ve done before, we’ll put together some of your responses and let everyone know what NMBC supporters have to say.