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Minimum Wage Call to Action: Governor Martinez is justifiably concerned about signing either minimum wage bill passed by the legislature. One at $9/hour SB386, and one at $9.25/hour HB442 are both problematic in a state that has a stagnant economy and the highest unemployment level in the nation.

We urge you to contact the Governor's office and express your opposition to these bills and encourage the Governor to veto both of them.


NMBC Asked: Some say Bravo; Some say B.S.

Last week NMBC provided more information on the multiple proposed minimum wage increases being considered in this legislative session. We asked you, our followers, for your thoughts and feedback, because we care what you think. While the responses we got about NMBC not supporting this legislation were overwhelmingly supportive, we also got a comment that said our stand was 'B.S.'


Minimum Wage Debate Continues – Heroes & Zeroes Update

Are we helping those who are struggling financially? Some say the increased wage will give them more disposable income to provide for their families. But what about those who make $13-$15/hour to stay home and collect government assistance? Will they re-enter the workforce for $9/hour when faced with childcare and other costs, such as transportation, to take a job?


NM Legislature Moving Forward on Mandated Wages

No matter how you package it, a minimum wage increase isn't just bad for business and our state's economy; it's bad for the very people we want to help. What's the solution? The free-market system and better education or training. Learn more on NMBC's position about mandated wages from Carla Sonntag in commentary published by Albuquerque Business First, HERE.


NMBC Survey Says – Let’s get to work!

The 2017 Legislative Session got underway last week and it’s shaping up to be a busy one. Click here to check out the bills that have already been filed – over 370 and counting!

Just prior to the session, NMBC initiated a survey to gain insight on what issues are most important to New Mexicans. We used the responses to shape our 2017 NMBC Priorities and are making sure that all the lawmakers in Santa Fe are taking note of what you had to say.

We read every comment and very much appreciate the feedback!

Here’s a glimpse of what NMBC survey responders had to say on the potential of government-mandated minimum wage increases in the range of $10 - $15 per hour: