CALL TO ACTION: Tax Increase Vote Today & Criminals on the Street

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CALL TO ACTION: Nonviolent criminals released without bail? It could happen!

SJR 1, Denial of Bail for Certain Felonies, CA (Sen Wirth/Rep A. Maestas)
A two part constitutional amendment: 1) Part 1 allows judges to deny bail to felons awaiting trial. This is a good measure that would keep the most violent people off of the streets.

2) Part 2: Allows judges to release nonviolent criminals without bail, if they can’t afford it. Judges already have the right to release nonviolent criminals without bail, if they are not a flight risk. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the current language of the amendment states that without a dangerousness hearing, the court will be required to release the defendant, conflicting with Article 4 Section 5-401 NMRA.
These are the people who are stealing, burglarizing and crippling society. To be released without bail, there is no oversight, which is the job of the bail bond industry.
This bill passed its second Senate committee with bipartisan support and is going to the Senate Floor for a full vote. We have no idea what these Senators are thinking to support making the crime rate in NM worse than it already is!
Please click here to send a message to all 42 Senators asking them to vote “NO” on releasing nonviolent criminals without bail.

HJR 13, Denial of Bail to Certain Defendants, CA (Reps Adkins and Ruiloba)
This competing bill to SJR 1 contains the part one provision, but not the second part. This measure is needed in New Mexico.
Please click here to send a message to all 70 Representatives asking them to vote “YES” on this bill.

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